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This is a download-copy of the interactive GWA - Gender and IWRM Resource Guide oline.

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Gender in Water Management - A Resources Guide

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Resources Guide


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Nov 2006


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The Resource Guide on Gender and IWRM is meant as a reference document to assist water and gender practitioners and professionals as well as persons responsible for gender mainstreaming, and anybody else who is interested in the water sector. It is a reference guide for use in conjunction with the texts and materials to which it refers. The resource guide is downloadable by chapter, so you can focus on the chapters of interest to you or as a total document.


Chapter 1: Gender and IWRM Introduction to the Gender and IWRM Resource Guide

Chapter 2: Contect - Gender and IWRM The concepts and backgrounds of Gender and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Chapter 3: Sectors - Gender and IWRM Guide to resources on Gender and the Water Sectors.

Chapter 4: Project Cycle Programmes that do not take into consideration the differing needs of the rich and poor and men and women during all its phases run the risk of beingin effective, inefficient and unsustainable. This chapter presents a generic project cycle that can be adapted to suit local contexts and demonstrates the gender aspects that need to be considered at each phase.

Chapter 5: Policies and Institutions This chapter briefly outlines the processes for gender mainstreaming water sector policies and institutions.

Case studies on Gender and IWRM

Glossary - Gender and IWRM Glossary of key issues used in the Gender and IWRM Resource Guide.


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Mainstreaming Gender in Water Governance: A Resource Guide

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