Global Environment Outlook - GEO 4


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Global Environment Outlook - GEO 4 Environment for Development

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September 2007



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The fourth report in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provides a comprehensive, scientifically credible, policy-relevant and up-to-date assessment of, and outlook for, the state of the global environment. GEO-4 is published 20 years after the landmark World Commission on Sustainable Developments Bruntland Report of 1987. Environment for Development is the GEO-4 underlying theme and the report pays special attention to the role and impact of the environment on human well-being as well as to the use of environmental valuation as a tool for decision-making.

Section A Overview

Chapter 1 Environment for Development

Section B State-and-Trends of the Environment: 1987–2007

Chapter 2 Atmosphere
Chapter 3 Land
Chapter 4 Water
Chapter 5 Biodiversity

Section C Regional Perspectives: 1987–2007

Chapter 6 Sustaining a Common Future

Section D Human Dimensions of Environmental Change

Chapter 7 Vulnerability of People and the Environment: Challenges and Opportunities
Chapter 8 Interlinkages: Governance for Sustainability

Section The Outlook – Towards 2015 and Beyond

Chapter 9 The Future Today

Section F Sustaining Our Common Future

Chapter 10 From the Periphery to the Core of Decision Making – Options for Action


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