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UNDP GoAL WaSH stands for UNDP's programme on Governance, Advocacy and Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor.


The GoAL WaSH Project in Madagascar

Scope of the Project

Due to the socio-political context in Madagascar since the end of January 2009, UNDP decided on a shift in its strategy from institutional support to focusing on supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. UNDP has led actions to create conditions for sustainable self-development of these people. The project implemented jointly by UNDP and GoAL WaSH focused on technical support to improve the population's access to water. The outputs will set up key political and strategical activities which will be continued after the crisis when institutional support will be returning to normal.

The Challenges Addressed

The South of Madagascar is the most arid part of the Island. Famine occurs there almost seasonally. In 2007, Madagascar set as a goal to increase the drinking water access rate to 65% by 2015. The challenges are thus to help the country achieve this goal and to find a way of dealing with the problems in the South while the country is still in the crisis context. A national water master plan and a water resources development plan have to be developed. These tools will be the reference for all internal and external stakeholders involved in the water sector in Madagascar.

The Approach

The project has been directly implemented by UNDP in Madagascar since 2009 in close collaboration with the technical department of water. Gender mainstreaming and human rights based approach to water governance are considered in the whole project. It has been carried out in synergy with other UNDP socio-economic activities to develop sustainable livelihoods and the fight against poverty in the areas of intervention.

The Actions

1. Performing technical studies of water transfers from the basin Anosy to the basin Androy in order to supply water to the population of Southern Madagascar

2. Conducting study to enhance knowledge on water resources in Southern Madagascar, including the demographic aspect

3. Performing studies which deal with social and economic fields and gender vulnerability in the Southern Madagascar

All the above performed studies will later be used by water authority to elaborate Madagascar's national water development schemes and water resources development plan.

The Achievements

  • 90% of items that can be used to develop the water resources master plan of the three pond agencies in the Great South Malagasy are now available
  • The water transfer study (Androy and Anosy) study is available
  • South-South knowledge sharing has been promoted in several areas. Madagascar took part in the preparation of AFRICASAN3 and on the PHI/UNESCO Focal Point meeting

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For more information regarding GoAL WaSH in Madacascar, please contact:

  • Mr. Daniela Rivoarizaka Rabeharisoa

GoAL WaSH Focal Point, UNDP Madagascar


Tel +261 32 11 100 68

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