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UNDP GoAL WaSH stands for UNDP's programme on Governance, Advocacy and Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor.

The GoAL WaSH Project in Niger

In 2012, 54% of the Nigeriens had access to safe drinking water - an average of 25 liters per capita per day. However, in rural areas – where over 82% of the population lives - less than one in two Nigerien have access to potable water. At the same time, the results of the survey on Living Conditions and Household Agriculture (ECVM / A) organized by the INS in 2011-2012, shows that the percentage of the population with access to sanitary toilets is only 19%, with 68% for urban residents and 7% for rural residents.

GoAL WaSH in Niger aims to support the country's efforts in strengthening the management capacity of stakeholders in the Water and Sanitation sector. To do this, GoAL WaSH will provide Ministère de l’Hydraulique et de l’Assainissement (Ministry of Water and Sanitation), MHA, with human, financial and organizational support. The project will be implemented by the MHA in partnership with the UNDP project "Implementing NAPA priority interventions to build resilience and adaptation sectors of the agriculture and water to climate change in Niger". The project will involve the regional and departmental directorates of Water and Sanitation Services and communal focal points in charge of Water and Sanitation in the pilot areas and technical training partners. Focus will be on capacity building at national and local level and support in the operationalizing of the national Water Guide at local level. A similar guide for sanitation will be developed with the support of the programme.

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For more information regarding GoAL WaSH in Niger, please contact:

  • Mr. Mahamane Lawali Elhadji Mahamane

Manager for the Energy and Environment Programme, UNDP Niger


Tel: +227 91 20 83 28

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