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UNDP GoAL WaSH stands for UNDP's programme on Governance, Advocacy and Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor.


The GoAL WaSH Project in Paraguay

Scope of the Project

The GoAL WaSH project in Paraguay focuses on strengthening the capacity of the Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation at the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, in fulfilling its role as a sector lead institution. The aim is to have an operative institution which can coordinate sector actions and liaise with stakeholders. This institution will also be responsible for sector policies and strategies and for ensuring that sector investments have a significant social impact.

The Challenges Addressed

The urban and rural water and sanitation sector in Paraguay is currently operating without any coordination. There are no sector policies or strategies, and sector actions rely predominantly on projects rather than on strategies. Furthermore, institutional capacity is a serious sector constraint. Most sector actions are planned and executed by the central government. Regional and district level institutions have low capacities of strategic and budgetary planning.

Other challenges include the legal framework which is still insufficient for regulation and control, as well as the low coverage and inequalities in access to safe water and sanitation. In Paraguay access to systems providing drinking water increased from 44% of the population in 1997 to 75% in 2010. However, significant differences between rural (58%) and urban (87%) areas persist. Also, 93% of indigenous children still have no access to potable water. As for sanitation, only 69% of the population has access to improved sanitation, being that this rose to 90.5% of the urban population, compared to only 38% of the rural population. Regarding socioeconomic status, only 45% of poor people access this service. Although there has been progress, is estimated to be not fast enough to achieve compliance with the Millennium Development Goals.

The biggest challenge facing the current government of Paraguay to meet the 2013-2018 plan is the low coverage and quality of services in water and sanitation are among the lowest in Latin America, with extreme inequalities that persist from over ten years ago in rural indigenous peoples, marginalized urban and rural areas.

The Actions

The following actions are carried out by the project:

  • Strengthen the coordination role of the Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation at the Ministry of Public Works and Communications and support the establishment of policies and strategies for the sector.
  • Develop a strategy to increase sanitation coverage in Eastern Paraguay.
  • Support the development of a comprehensive database for the sector, including coverage and quality of service, cost of service and efficiency indicators.
  • Analyse the impact of water and sanitation tariffs on the family economy, in order to support the establishment of sustainable financial policies in the sector.

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For more information regarding GoAL WaSH in Paraguay, please contact:

  • Mr. Camilo Filártiga Callizo

Project Coordinator for Democratic Governance


Tel: +595 21 611980

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