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UNDP GoAL WaSH stands for UNDP's programme on Governance, Advocacy and Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor.

The GoAL WaSH Project in Togo

Togo was included in the GoAL WaSH programme in 2014. The aim for the programme in the country is to strengthen the governance of the water sector by strengthening capacity for planning, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs. More specifically, it aims to:

  • Enhance the visibility of the water sector to facilitate advocacy and mobilization of technical and financial resources;
  • Strengthen the operational capacity of the Directorate of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, from the Ministry of Water;
  • Strengthen the capacity of local actors for the rational and sustainable management of drinking water supply systems in semi-urban areas;
  • Finalizing the investment plan of the "Societé du Patrimoine de l’eau", the public asset holder for water infrastructures, supporting the preparation of a round-table panel of technical and financial partners.

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For more information regarding GoAL WaSH in Togo, please contact:

  • Mr. Yawo Jonky Tenou

Team Leader, Poverty & Sustainable Development, Climate Change Specialist, UNDP Togo


Tel: +228 22 21 20 08

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