Governance of Water and Sanitation in Angola's Poor Neighbourhoods


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Governance of Water and Sanitation in Angola's Poor Neighbourhoods


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $3,005,000;

Sources of Financing: Government of Spain


2008 - 2011



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This programme aims to promote sustainable access to sufficient, safe, physically accessible and affordable drinking water and adequate sanitation for peri-urban and rural communities in the Luanda and Moxico provinces of Angola, by enhancing the governance of the sector and promoting a rights-based approach to water and sanitation delivery. More precisely, it is established to address the issue of un-sustainability of centrally-managed WatSan facilities in poor neighborhoods, by introducing community management of WatSan schemes. This joint-programme, which sees the participation of ILO, IOM, OHCHR, UNICEF and UNDP, will pursue the key objective of bringing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation to 120,000 people initially, and another 400,000 from multiplier effects, so that the MDG gap for water and sanitation is closed by 3.4% (to 12%) and 3.3% (to 12%) respectively.

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