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Reclaimed water that has been treated to a standard, suitable for general domestic non-potable applications. It may be identified through inclusion of a green dye and supplied through a dedicated colour-coded pipework system (WHO 2006).Green water is water that contains high levels of dissolved copper due to a corrosive action between the drinking water, copper pipes and copper plumbing fittings (CSIRO 2005).   See also blue green water  

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Green water can be caused by a chemical reaction between the copper pipe and elements in the water. It can also be caused by a microbial corrosion of the pipe. The alloy composition of the pipe material on its own is not normally found to be a factor. To reduce contamination, all new copper plumbing installations should be disinfected and flushed before use (CSIRO 2005).


WHO (2006) Health aspects of plumbingCommonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (2005) Investigation of remedial treatment of copper plumbing systems to eliminate blue green water.  Melbourne, Australia.

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