Harmonization and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Central Asia

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Harmonization and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Central Asia


EC-funded TA project

Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

Lead Organization(s)

EC (Almaty Delegation)

Project Partners

Implemented through CAREC


Total: 249,000 EUR;

Sources of Financing:


2008 - 2009 (14 months, start Nov 2008)


Under Implementation

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Alexander Nikolayenko, Program Manager,

Water Initiatives Support Program,

CAREC, 40, Orbita-1, 050043, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan



The overall objective of this project is to improve water quality and environmental safety of population through harmonisation and approximation of water standards and norms in countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan).

Specific objectives include:

  • Develop the national multi-sector institutional frameworks for harmonisation of the water standards and norms with international agreements, including approximation of the water standards with the European Union Integrated Pollution Permitting and Control (IPPC)
  • Facilitated the EUWI National Policy Dialogues regarding IWRM

Expected Outcomes

1. Assessment
In depth information available on water quality standards, norms and issues for each country in Central Asia and on subregional/transnational water management issues.
  • Conduct 4 national Surveys to review water quality standards and norms within and across boundaries, to assess capacities for crosscutting cooperation, to analyse stakeholders, realities and consequent risks for approximation of existing standards to EU IPPC.
  • Results on surveys disseminated among key stakeholders
2. Capacity Building
Capacity enhanced of key national and regional stakeholders on water management issues, standards and norms and on the European Union Integrated Pollution Permitting and Control (IPPC)
  • Carry out information and capacity building activities with participation of key stakeholders from Central Asia countries
  • Conduct 4 national Multi-stakeholder Dialogue workshops
  • Facilitate 2 sub-regional Multi-stakeholder Dialogues on approxi-mation of water standards to EU IPPC and EUWI National Policy Dialogues regarding IWRM.
3. Support to Policy Reform
Progress regarding approximation of CA water standards to the European Union Integrated Pollution Permitting and Control (IPPC).
  • Develop common language on uniform water quality standards and norms in line with EU standards
  • Establish 4 national multi-stakeholder working groups and facilitate their regular discussions
  • Develop comprehensive proposals on the harmonization and approximation of standards and norm with the EU IPPC.
4. Dissemination
** A number of studies, reports, policy papers and proposals will be developed and disseminated.

Achievements: Results and Impact

Status report may 2009
  1. Open competition for a choice of the country experts carried out according to an existing situation and preparation of reports « National standards and norms of quality of water ». Experts for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are chosen.
  2. The project team developed format and Questionnaire to prepare the NATIONAL REPORT “Analysis report on water quality standards, norms and issues” for CA country. The Questionnaire and structure of the national report were coordinated with the experts from Water Governance EC project and UNECE. Teamwork for development this documents enables to receive maximum effective results. The analysis carried out on this basis will be the most exact and authentic.
  3. On the basis of the ToR, the questionnaire and the unified structure of the report the experts had been prepared the reports for each of the CA countries.
  4. The National experts and stakeholders working groups in each of the project countries have been established.
  5. On March, 3-4, 2009 to Bishkek, the first Regional seminar « Harmonisation and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Central Asia » carried out. In a seminar of the governmental bodies of water quality management from the Central Asia countries have been submitted. The resolution and the work plan of the Regional working group on Water Quality is accepted within the framework of the project.
  6. The Regional Working Group on Water Quality have been established.
  7. On April, 28, 2009 to Bishkek, the national seminar «Harmonisation and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Kyrgyzstan» carried out. At a seminar the report prepared

Lessons for Replication


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 EC CA-RECS water Standard Approx Status Report - May 2009.pdf

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