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On any given page
  1. Make sure you're logged-in
  2. Click on Edit page (opens the whole page for editing) OR edit section (opens only that specific section for editing
  3. Make your changes (see Help:Formatting for further help)
  4. Scroll down and add tags-categories, as appropriate
  5. Click on "Safe" (or on "Preview" to see how your changes will look - Don't forget to safe once you're satisfied)

The aim of you contributions
is to improve the volume and wuality of content.
The golden rule
is to be proactive - remember: All changes can be undone easily, if necessary!


The Editing Box

(For an overview of more editing options check out the Wikipedia Cheatsheet)

An edit might be to contribute whole paragraphs or pages full of information, or it could be as simple as fixing a typo or spelling mistake. Whatever, please try to write clearly and concisely and be sure your editing will improve the quantity and quality of waterwiki's contents.

Click the "Edit"-tag on top of any article page and you will be presented with an text editing box. You'll also notice

[Edit] -links next to individual sections of an article. Within the edit box, you'll see the plain text of the article, but with a bit of special styling instructions for the formatting of the page. Don't be afraid, or put off by these instructions. You're already familiar with the functions, and the Wiki supports rapid access and use.. Be BOLD. Dive in and make changes!

Click here for tips on Formatting your alterations this using wiki syntax.

Edit summary

Before you save a change, you may enter a short note in the Summary box describing your changes. Don't worry too much about this, or spend too much time thinking about it, but a little description of what you just changed e.g. "fixed typo" or "updated project information with lessons learned" allows people to track changes in waterwiki more effectively.

Save Changes

Don't forget to Save Changes when you have finished editing; click the Save page button below the text editing box. If you wish, enter some text in the Summary describing what you've changed before saving.

Show Preview

Show preview will do just that, without saving the changes, yet. And Cancel if you want to disregard your changes.

-> To play around and get a feel for writing in the wiki, visit the Sandbox. And of course, you are free to edit any article as needed on the system!