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Name of Organization

IGRAC International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre

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Focus Areas

  • Understanding of groundwater processes and patterns on regional and global scales
  • Groundwater in sustainable water resources management

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The World's groundwater resources are of key importance to sustainable development. However, making full benefit from the available groundwater resources and controlling effectively the ubiquitous groundwater-related problems are very demanding tasks. Sharing groundwater information and experience on a world-wide scale would be of great help in this respect. This is what IGRAC supports and promotes.

IGRAC is dedicated to groundwater information and knowledge in the widest sense, on a world-wide scale and on a non-commercial basis.

Key Resources

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  • Our key reports can be found here
  • Our outreach video's can be found here
  • Our key maps can be found here

Work on the Ground

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Some examples of special projects are presented here


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