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International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network


Knowledge and resource network





Hosted by GEF and supported by the GEF-implementing agencies UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, IW:LEARN aims to strengthen International Waters Management (IWM) by facilitating structured learning and information sharing among stakeholders. In pursuit of this global objective, IW:LEARN improves GEF IW projects’ information base, replication efficiency, transparency, stakeholder ownership and sustainability of benefits.

This is the overarching Knowledge Management Project for all GEF-IW (International Waters) Projects. A comprehensive database with projects, organisations, people, forums, knowledge products, events, training resources, etc.

Water resource managers will find through this site pertinent information resources; discussion forums; project information and documentation; courses in water resources, project management, and information technology; new capacity building technologies; and community-wide news and upcoming events.

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