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IWRM-net is interested in provide a changing window into the issues and priority areas for research into water resource management. It will link to the IWRM-net website and the work the project is undertaking to engage as wide an audience as possible in developing priority research needs.

IWRM-net is interested in the debate on how to frame the questions and how the research can be designed to provide the right answers needed by policy makers and water managers. can they be the same research, how can we improve the efficiency of water research?



IWRM-net partners have created a classification system, and while recognising the limitations of any knowledge classification system it is the basis of managin our information to then prioritise the needs.

EXAMPLE QUESTIONS: GOVERNANCE: How best to organise stakeholder dialogue, participation and perception? How to develop framework for policies integration and assessment? How can we assess the WFD, the RBMP? How to change social values and practices to improve the legitimacy of measures to conserve water...

TOOLS AND METHODS for IWRM: How to develop inter-disciplinarity (physical, chemical and ecological processes and socio-economic aspects)? Which decision support systems to support decision making?

knowledge on ecological, chemical and physical PROCESSES: What are the gaps of knowledge on physical processes? What are the gaps of knowledge on chemical processes?

What are the current and the future IMPACTS on the water system How could Climate Change affect Water System and ecosystems? How to manage the consequences of pressures e.g. prevention, mitigation and crisis management? How to develop understanding of cause-effects relationships? How to manage the consequences of pressures e.g. prevention, mitigation and crisis management? Which responses to face energy policy (e.g. hydropower) pressures?


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