Improvement of the access to water for the inhabitants of the village Afofo


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Improvement of the access to water for the inhabitants of the village Afofo (Chetimari/ Diffa)


Freshwater, Water Supply and Sanitation

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Grantee: Groupement Féminin Wadata de Farin Guémé (OCB Wadata ) - OCB WADATA (Non-government Organization)


Total: $25,210


10/2009 - 3/2010


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Project Details & Results The village AFOFO has a modern water point. However, the population is facing enormous difficulties in acquiring drinking water because the only well has been in a poor condition for three years. The poor condition of the structure does not cover the water needs of the population and their livestock let alone those of the population in pastoral transhumance in the area. This creates a waste of time for watering livestock and some (animals) are forced to travel miles in order to drink, resulting in a weakening of the flock before the lean season. In the end, there are no sanitary and hygienic conditions around the well. Therefore, having measured the gravity of this situation, the population has, after a long consultation, been suggested to submit to some good will in the sinking of a new well today, in the way that the constraints were identified during the participatory diagnosis at the location.

Moreover, the realization of this project fits perfectly well with the national policies on water supply and the guidelines for the International Decade for Drinking Water and Sanitation (DIEP), which states that a "modern water point is justified in any administrative village, village or hamlet of more than 250 people, every village, even with fewer than 250 residents and non-administrative, located more than 5 km of a modern water point. " The purpose of the request is consistent with the policies and strategies for development policy of the country including the Rural Development Strategy (RDS) and the ongoing decentralization.

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