Integrated Management of Natural Resources in Farm 84 OQ Around Ntimbale Dam in Masingwaneng, Botswana


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Integrated Management of Natural Resources in Farm 84 OQ Around Ntimbale Dam in Masingwaneng, Botswana


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Total: $2,000;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2006 - 2007



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The Masingwaneng Community has a farm which has good grass species and low numbers of wildlife species like kudu, steenbok and warthog. The community is aware of opportunities that exist from the farm, more so that the farm is in close proximity to a recently completed Ntibale dam. The community therefore wants to work towards establishing a tourim enterprise to tap on dam recreation, archaeological sites and rock paintings. In addition, due to the presence of water in the dam, the community is interested in doing fishing and irrigated horticultural production as a way to eventually diversifying their product.

The project aims at raising awareness on the presence and sustainable use of the resources, building consensus and prioritising on project ideas. The community has a desire to tour the farm and Ntimbale dam to appreciate the opportunities that await them. The objectives will be achieved through a series of Kgotla meetings, dialogue with stakeholders through a workshop, registration as a legal entity to enable access of funds and production of a proposal.

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