International and National Thiess Riverprizes 2007


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Name of Award

International and National Thiess Riverprizes 2007


30 March 2007


The Thiess Riverprizes are awarded annually for excellent achievements in restoration and preservation of rivers and waterways across Australia and the world.

The world’s most important river awards are outstanding in three different aspects: Firstly, they recognize world leading examples in river and catchment management. Secondly, they carry the highest monetary value of comparable prizes. The 2006 International Thiess Riverprize was valued at AU $225,000 and the National Thiess Riverprize at AU $75,000. Thirdly, Riverprize winners are also encouraged to establish twinning projects with catchments in developing countries to share their knowledge and skills. Their mission to restore and protect their rivers and catchments does not end with winning the Riverprize - they go out to become world ambassadors for healthy and sustainable rivers and waterways.

The prizes will be presented at a special awards ceremony during the 10th International Riversymposium and Environmental Flows Conference from 3 – 6 September 2007 in Brisbane, Australia. Both winners and finalists are invited to attend the gala award ceremony where they have the opportunity of presenting their achievements to an audience of more than 500 people from over 45 countries.

Eligibility criteria

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Sponsoring organisation / institution

The International and National Thiess Riverprizes are funded by the International Riverfoundation, a Brisbane-based not-for-profit organization who is dedicated to help restoring and protecting the world’s rivers and waterways. The prizes are administered by Riverfestival, an annual celebration of Brisbane’s people, culture and environment, of which the International Riversymposium is a key event.

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