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(see also the WaterWiki Toolkit)
UNDP/BRC KM Approach | E-Moderation | On-line Community of Practice | Virtual CoP | Facilitation (based on an Interview with Patricia Keays)
On-Line Tools (emerged mostly from an online Course on E-moderation): Chat-Rooms | Wikis | Emails | The On-Line Classroom | SKYPE | Doodle - Easy scheduling of events | Time and Date | Create free on-line surveys
Other Resources: Learning Game | Brainstorming on "Running CoPs Successfully" | E-Moderator-Course#E-Moderator.27s_Toolbox E-Moderator Toolbox | Oxfam - Sharing Knowledge Handbook 2 | Web4Dev Nairobi 2007 (WaterWiki-presentation Nairobi web4dev-conf Nov07) | KM as tool for Tsunami Response | Communities of practice for development in the Middle East and North Africa

The WaterWiki is the result of a pilot initiative of the Water Governance Sub-Practice and the Knowledge Management Team in the Bratislava Regional Centre. Not only substantive issues alone, but also links between "Water Governance" and "Knowledge Management" were (and still are) of interest.

  1. To learn more about the WaterWiki Pilot Project, have a look at the WaterWiki Toolkit or the WaterWiki Presentations.
  2. If you like to provide suggestions or feedback to improve WaterWiki, most welcome!
  3. If you're interested about the Wiki-approach in UNDP's context in general, and what other (sub-)practices and colleagues are planning, have a look at the Wiki-CoP page.
  4. You may also find this page on On-line-Moderation/CoP Facilitation of interest (lots of material and links - it's the result of a 4-week on-line course..)

For further information, you may also want to contact Juerg Staudenmann ( or Dessislava_Raykova (


Knowledge Management in UNDP/RBEC

Bratislava's approach

UNDP Bratislava's approach to Knowledge Management / Activities of the different CoP's / Knowledge Management in UNDP (globally)

Templates and Guidelines:

 ARN Template.doc

 Guidelines for How to Guides.doc

 Knowledge Management in Europe and CIS - Results.doc

 Prospectus Template.doc

 Community of Practice Architecture for KM.doc

-> Visit the Knowledge Managememnt Helpdesk on UNDP/RBEC website for further resources.

Links to external KM/WatGov initiatives


Knowledge Management (general)

Water Knowledge Map and Water Governance CoP in RBAS

KM4D - Knowledge Management for Development

Article, Report, Materials

3 UNDP-articles in the Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D) Journal:

Examples of How-to-guides and other material - Repository of Simple Technologies

How-To-Guide for MDG-based national Development Strategies

How-to-guide on Energy Financing in Europe & CIS

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