Laikipia Rainwater Project


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Laikipia Rainwater Project


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $11,021;

Sources of Financing: (CWI-53)


2007 - 2008


Under implementation

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The project is located in Ngarua Division of Laikipia District. The area is semi-arid. The project area experiences acute water shortage due to lack of surface water and unreliable rainfall. This has caused the community to go for long distance in search of clean water. The community is forced to use unhygienic water that has resulted to poor health conditions. The project aims to construct 1 tank to each of the 4 schools to harvest rainwater for domestic and promote the planting of trees/fruits within the school compound. The project will include 4 management committee trainings.

Notable Community Participation

The benefiting community will be involved in the planting of trees, the maintenance of the facilities (water tanks) and contribute to the project in cash and locally available materials

Capacity - Building Component

There shall be 1 training in each school to empower the community on project management and health related issues.

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods

Fruit trees and trees for timber will help to generate income for the maintenance of the water tanks

Gender Focus

The schools are mixed hence the project will benefit both boys and girls, men and women who are the target community.

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