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Generic term used to describe infections caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophilia which range in severity from a mild, febrile illness (pontiac fever) to a rapid and potentially fatal pneumonia (Legionnaire's disease) (WHO 2007).

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Water is the major natural reservoir for legionellae and the bacteria are found worldwide in many different natural and artificial aquatic environments and ranges of environmental conditions such as: cooling towers; water systems in hotels, homes, ships and factories; respiratory therapy equipment; fountains; misting devices; and spa pools (WHO 2007).


WHO (2007) Legionella and the prevention of legionellosis.Fraser D et al. (1977) Legionnaires’ disease: description of an epidemic of pneumonia. New England Journal of Medicine, 297(22): 1189–1197.

Legionella and the prevention of legionellosis

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