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Facts & Figures edit
Capital Valletta
Neighbouring Countries Italy
Total Area 316 km2
  - Water 0 km2 (0.00%) / 0 m2/ha
  - Land 316 km2
Coastline 196.8 km
Population 401,880 (1,272 inhab./km2)
HDIA 0.894 (2007)
Gini CoefficientA n/a (1995)
Nominal GDPB $8,584 million
GDP (PPP) Per CapitaB $24,200
National UN Presence
Land UseC
  - Cultivated Land 109 km2 (34.38%)
     - Arable 99 km2 (31.25%)
     - Permanent Crops 10 km2 (3.13%)
     - Irrigated 20 km2
  - Non cultivated 211,908 km2 (65.62%)
Average Annual RainfallD 560 mm
Renewable Water ResourcesE 0.07 km3
Water WithdrawalsF 0.051 km3/yr
  - For Agricultural Use 20%
  - For Domestic Use 79%
  - For Industrial Use 1%
  - Per Capita 129 m3
Population with safe access to
  - Improved Water Source 100%
     - Urban population 100%
     - Rural population 100%
  - Improved Sanitation 100%
     - Urban population 100%
     - Rural population 100%
References & Remarks
A UNDP Human Development Report
B CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia
C CIA World Factbook Country Profiles
D Aquastat - FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture
E CIA World Factbook
F Earthtrends



Country Profile: Climate, Geography, Socio-Economic Context

Country Profile: Water Bodies and Resources

Average annual rainfall is around 524 mm. Total surface water resources are estimated at 0.5 million m³/year. The renewable groundwater potential on the Maltese Islands is estimated as being approximately 40 million m³/year. In order not to deplete the storage capacity of the main aquifer without causing salt water intrusion, only 15 million m³/year of groundwater would be potentially extractable. To retain storm discharge, a large number of small dams have been constructed across the drainage lines. Open reservoirs have been constructed along recently made roads to minimize runoff. Total dam capacity is estimated at 154 000 m³. At present 31.4 million m³/year of desalinated water are being produced from four sea water Reverse Osmosis Plants and one brackish water Reverse Osmosis Plant. In 1993, of the total produced wastewater estimated at 23.7 million m³, about 1.82 million m³ was treated and 1.56 million m³ of this was reused. Total water withdrawal, was estimated at 55.68 million m³ in 1995 of which 1.9% is withdrawn for agriculture. Of the total quantity of groundwater used (22.72 million m³), 5.41 million m³ for agricultural. The desalinated water (31.40 million m³) was all used for the provision of potable water in the public supply, which is equal to 65% of the total potable water supply. Of the total reused treated wastewater (1.56 million m³); 1.22 million m³ was reused in agriculture.

Country Profile: Legal and Institutional Environment

Country Profile: Water Sector Coordination

See Sector coordination sub-page for detailed description

Country Profile: Trends in Water Use, Management and Sanitation

Country Profile: Challenges and Opportunities


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