Managing waste to avoid polluting rivers between San Carlos and tributaries of the Rio San Juan, Costa Rica


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Managing waste to avoid polluting rivers between San Carlos and tributaries of the Rio San Juan, Costa Rica


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Total: $20,000;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2004 - 2008



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One of the main problems facing the Cutris area is the contamination of water sources, as is shown by a study conducted by Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica (San Carlos headquarters) and by the same organization with the support of CBDS CR -Holland. They found contamination levels of 2 tributaries of the Rio San Juan: San Carlos River and its tributaries and Tres Amigos, and determined that the coliform was the major source of pollution in this region. The main activity is the dual-purpose livestock, with dairy and swine, which generates large amounts of solid and liquid waste, which do not receive any treatment but are thrown into rivers. Problems of pests and diseases limit production at certain times of year, and to be able to achieve produce all year large amounts of agricultural chemicals are used that cause problems for human health, and pollute the water and environment.

In response the project's overall objective is to promote waste management in agricultural activities of small and medium farms, making use of clean technologies, to avoid contamination between San Carlos and the tributaries of the Rio San Juan.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Implement and strengthen systems for handling solid and liquid waste product of various agricultural activities in the area of impact of the project.
  2. Implementation of new agricultural production systems more friendly to the environment and to enable us to obtain an output of good quality and low costs in spite of the weather conditions existing in the area.
  3. Establish a training program for the handling of solid and liquid waste for farmers (as) part of each of the community management committees.

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