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The Mbe Basin is part of / comprises: · Africa · Middle Africa ·
Countries sharing the Mbe Basin: · Equatorial Guinea · Gabon ·
Facts & Figures edit
Catchment AreaA 7,000 km3
Neighbouring BasinsA Benito-Ntem, Ogooue, Utamboni
PopulationA 42,400
Population DensityA 6 /km2
DischargeA 8 km3/yr
Surface Area m3
Average Depth m
Water Volume m2
Water Stress 183000 m3/person/year
Average Precipitation mm/yr
Evaporation mm/yr
Runoff 2500 mm/yr
Land Use
Irrigated Area km2
Irrigable Area 8300 km2
No. of DamsA 0
Dam Density 0 dams/km2
Total Water Withdrawals km3
  For Agricultural Use
  For Domestic Use
  For Industrial Use
Renewable Water Available (m3/yr/pers)
References & Remarks
A Transboundary Freshwater Spatial Database, Oregon University

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