Mobilization and distribution of water in the town Rashid


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Mobilization and distribution of water in the town Rashid


Freshwater, Water Supply and Sanitation

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International Waters

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Grantee: Association mauritanienne pour les Droits et la Santé de l'Enfant - ADSE (Non-government Organization)


Total: $23,121


11/2009 - 4/2010


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Project Details and Results This project aims at procuring water for the people of the town Rashid, which is situated 19km from Boghé, by setting up a system for the pumping of water from the existing borehole in the town. The project meets the objective of the Community Initiative Program for Water and Sanitation (ICEA), which is to address the causes of the shortage through community action to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants. This will be realized by the main components, constituting of the system of water distribution for the existing borehole in the town Rashid and the means to sustainably manage it. The inhabitants have ensured the sinking of the drill and the purchase of the generator. The project will be completed by the construction of the castle and the mini-supply network.

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