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Pit that is partially or wholly displaced from its superstructure (WHO 1992).

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An extension of the idea of the pour-flush pan with a water seal is for the pit to be outside the latrine building. The contents of the pan are discharged through a short length of small-diameter pipe or covered channel. Masonry or brickwork channels with smooth circular concrete inverts have been adopted in some countries. The channel is covered by precast concrete slabs or by bricks laid transversely across the top. There are occasions when two shallow pits are more appropriate than a single deep pit (WHO 1992).An offset pour-flush latrine requires a larger volume of flushing water than a simple pour-flush latrine. The amount of water required depends on the pan design, pipe slope and roughness.Offset pour-flush latrines are favoured by many because the superstructure can be permanent. When the pit is full, another pit can be dug alongside and the connecting pipe excavated and relaid to the new pit without damaging the superstructure. The toilet can be located inside the house and the pit outside (WHO 1992).


WHO (1992)  A guide to the development of on-site sanitation

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