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UNDP/BRC KM Approach | E-Moderation | On-line Community of Practice | Virtual CoP | Facilitation (based on an Interview with Patricia Keays)
On-Line Tools (emerged mostly from an online Course on E-moderation): Chat-Rooms | Wikis | Emails | The On-Line Classroom | SKYPE | Doodle - Easy scheduling of events | Time and Date | Create free on-line surveys
Other Resources: Learning Game | Brainstorming on "Running CoPs Successfully" | E-Moderator-Course#E-Moderator.27s_Toolbox E-Moderator Toolbox | Oxfam - Sharing Knowledge Handbook 2 | Web4Dev Nairobi 2007 (WaterWiki-presentation Nairobi web4dev-conf Nov07) | KM as tool for Tsunami Response | Communities of practice for development in the Middle East and North Africa

Further readings

Further iInteresting stuff

Rean van der Merwe
Two interesting articles I recently bumped into (they really belong together). Still trying to work out how this can be applied in various ways in our field


 Evolving communities of practice - IBM Global Services experience.pdf  Motivation and barriers to participation in online CoP.pdf  The Active Lurker Influence of an In-house Online Community on its Outside Environment.pdf  AUDIENCE-SPECIFIC ONLINE COMMUNITY DESIGN.pdf  Stimulating Social Engagement in a Community Network.pdf  How Oversight Improves MemberMaintained.pdf  Using Social Psychology to Motivate Contributions to Online Communities.pdf Lurker demographics Counting the silent.pdf  Increasing participation in online communities A framework for human computer interaction.pdf  A survey of current research on online communities of practice.pdf  Technology for communities - book chapter.pdf  O'Reilly Network Building Online Communities.pdf

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