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General Aspects:

  • Very Close to real classroom feeling and communication
  • participants quickly familiar with it due to similarity to (alreadu used to) telephone-communications and -conferences
  • Lesser Chance of parallel communication (you HEAR and SEE when someone else wants to speak at the same time - no delay between "typing the message" and posting it, as compared to Chat-Rooms)
  • Opportunity to use combination of visual aids with speaking and writing--the use of 3 senses enhance the communication effectiveness.
  • Provide space to share (spontaneously) the knowledge base information/materials (e.g. pictures, presentations)


  • Good tool to start up the first/initial contacts with members to go ahead. Creates kick off atmosphere for on-line collaboration.
  • Gives more or less feelings of f2f facilitation with the use of multiple aids provided by the software.

Technical Apsects:

  • Accessibility for low-connectivity members poses a problem (compare to On-Line Classroom Software) - if it's a slow connection (see below). In our course, Cecilia, Usha and Katharina were able to follow, but the effort to get them there was considerable.
  • Live audio is particularly susceptible to unstable internet connections--this can create frustrations among some members.


General Aspects:

  • Chance of parallel communication
  • ...

Technical Aspects:

  • Slow connectivity (Katharina: the few opportunities I had to enter an internet cafe in Tanzania all turned out to be very, very slow places, and I could only just follow your discussions, but not copy documents from one place to the other or similarNote: Katharina meant the discussions via email and the fora here - she had no chance to join a live audio event outside her office).
  • No possibility to record--challenge for the moderator to summarize what has been shared, especially for the ones who could not attend.



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