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Bugs and quick fixes

High Priority (fix NOW!)

  • LINE-BREAK before new chapter: when opening edit box by chapters (right-side edit-link), after saving again the system seems to eliminate too many line-breaks after the last text line; that's fine in principle, but it's eliminating one too many, leading to almost no-space between text and the next heading.
-> Make this automatic function to leave at least 2 line-breaks; then
-> Make sure all

<br> inserted now manually to ensure enough line-breaks before the next heading are eliminated (Wiki-bot eliminating only <br> that come immediately before == TEXT ==, === TEXT ===, ==== TEXT ====, etc.)

  • On the Main Page Map, Romania is where Russia is ... (fixed by Kairat Alaichiev)
  • prohibit overwrite of existing documents? (or better warning when this happens; there is some bug there)
  • Fix the "Send me my / Send new password" function on Log-in page! (solved in MediaWiki 1.11)
  • Fix user-link in top row (now pointing at the actual page) to point at user-page! (solved in MediaWiki 1.11)
  • Use this to generate alphabetical lists list
  • The CoP Members should be listed by name and not by User:firstname.lastname. But the User:first.lastname page gives the User contributions (important) while the other page does not.
  • NEW OVERALL APPROACH TO CATEGORIES / TAGGING WANTED that would i.a. address these (old) issues:
    • The Country takes us to the country page. But it does not list all the articles on WaterWiki for that country. How to change that?
    • The listing in any Category (for example Article) also lists old pictures and files. How to remove the old pictures and files so that we only get listing of the articles?

Medium/Low priority (needs to be done soon)

  • Sinlge line-break in edit-mode doesn't result in a line-break in view-mode. Many contributors don't realize -> could (and should??) it be changed?

Requiring a Bot

  • Overhaul all "templates" (= forms that can be chosen for new pages):
    • in project pages (and template) exchange "Region" with "Location"

Development Issues

High Priority

  • New main page
  • Left navigation menues to contain major categories / groups of knowledge (Projects, Country-pages, CoP-Members, etc. etc.) --Juerg.staudenmann 08:15, 28 November 2007 (CET)
  • Fix/enable "send me new password" function (solved in MediaWiki 1.11)
  • address copy-right issues (include in disclaimer and/or add a bottom line (c) ... on every page) Juerg.staudenmann 15:49, 31 Jul 2006 (CEST)
  • google search-bar/function (window and button below the existing search, see CSA-Wiki) (DIDN'T RESULT IN WHISHED-FOR RESULT -> too many results leading to the same and/or non-sense pages, Juerg.staudenmann 15:49, 31 Jul 2006 (CEST))
  • awake discussion/talk-function for all articles/pages!
    • add the discussion-tag (solved in MediaWiki 1.11),
    • create empty pages (-> wiki-bot?)
  • WaterWiki-logo and/or text
  • better instructions on upload page (where does it go and how to access it - see help)
    • Is it possible to enable upload directly into other parts of the page, e.g. when using the function from the open edit-window??
  • take out 'about waterwiki' link at the bottom of main pageJuerg.staudenmann 16:45, 6 May 2006 (CEST) -> placed a REDIRECT to the (amended) Welcome page

  • Solve the whole User-issue:
    • When adding a new User, how to automatically create a profile-page?
    • Automated (but fomated) User-pages? (Instead of the Contacts and Colleagues page?)
    • What is the point of Userpages?
    • Can the UserPage be titled by name only (and not have the suffix User in front of the name)?
  • ecent Additions? - How to keep track of the recent additions, the newest articles? --Juerg.staudenmann 08:15, 28 November 2007 (CET)

Medium Priority

  • Lists:
    • How to generate automatic lists (in alphabetical order) of the different categories??
  • Look into upgrade to higher Media-Wiki version & new extensions:
    • pros/cons in general (stable?)
    • advanced edit-functions such as tables, frames, etc.?
    • hierarchical pages (for instance: workspace/Water_Strategy;
    • or:' Situation_in_Central_Asia/Transboundary_River_Basins), with disambiguation pages
    • Possible to have a "Discussion Forum" there (or maybe this will be solved with the talk-page/function?)
    • newer look and/or different skins ??
  • Wikibot to automatically update and interlink existing text with new information e.g. if World Bank is added as a new organisation, all mention of World Bank in WaterWiki should point to World Bank page.
  • Wikibot to change/update the template automatically as required
  • Change formating code from

<b> or <i> back into '' or ''' (Wikibot and change the edit-buttons)

  • explanation for what 'what links here' is
  • amend/align lingo throughout WaterWiki:
    • articles OR pages OR entries
    • "Content"-pages/entries? / concepts_issues_definitions? / ...?
    • images --> files (in dialogies)
  • instructions on giving names to new articles/page: need rules of thumb on content and title creations (country-year-name)
  • login timeout due to expiring SESSIONID
  • legal stuff in disclaimer / or completely disconnect from UNDP

Low Priority

  • three dots after report description
  • capitals in red on map (replaced by Google Maps)
  • look at format of History page
  • longrun: expired pages, events, etc (like on intranet)

(probably) not happening (that soon) Hopefully being solved with upgrade

  • pages are case-sensitive -- possible to be insensitive?
  • Upload tag -- can it be made "inline"
  • make hyperlink even if url is missing "http://"

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