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Léna Salamé, Project Coordinator, UNESCO - Division of Water Sciences, Email:



From Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential (PCCP) facilitates multi-level and interdisciplinary dialogues in order to foster peace, co-operation and development related to the management of shared water resources.

Housed within IHP, and a contribution to WWAP, PCCP addresses situations where water users need support to manage their shared water resources in a peaceful and equitable manner. It capitalizes on the desire of the concerned parties to successfully manage their shared water resources in order to create a foundation upon which peace and cooperation are consolidated.

Through Research and Capacity building/enhancement activities, the programme brings players engaged in transboundary water management together and helps increase the opportunities for actual co-operation and development. PCCP’s ultimate objective is to use Track II initiatives to support and maintain peace-building processes.

Given its place within the UN system, and more specifically in a neutral organization like UNESCO, the programme offers its resources to coordinate similar efforts and disseminate best practices of water conflict resolution and cooperation building. It offers a “one-stop-shop” for activities in transboundary waters and builds legitimacy for the field of cooperative water management by advertising other institutions’ projects.

As a result PCCP establishes links with related initiatives within UNESCO and the UN more broadly. It also looks at what other non-UN institutions around the world are doing in this domain.


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From Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential (PCCP)






2007 - 2009 (Third Phase)

2003- 2006 (Second Phase)

2001-2003 (First Phase)

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