Photovoltaics use for Water Supply to Rural Areas in Albania


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Photovoltaics use for Water Supply to Rural Areas in Albania


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Grantee: Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Center - AEUEEC (Non-government Organization)




June 2002 - June 2003


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This project is a follow-up of a planning grant allocated to this NGO in order to assess the feasibility to use a photovoltaic system for drinking water supply and irrigation in the villages of Hysgjokaj and Stravec. This project is coo financed by OSCE and makes extensive use of existing drinking water supply infrastructure that was previously put in place by CAFOD. Through this project, the NGO aims to implement in Albania the first photovoltaic system, influence the improvement of the energy crisis in Albania, decrease the pollution through the introduction of a new energy source, supply potable and irrigation water to rural areas, and promote agricultural business in Albania, strongly related to poverty issues.

Project Results: A Solar Pump with a installed power of 1.0 kWp was installed in Hysgjokaj village. Local farmers were trained for basic maintenance of the system. During summer 2003 a group of 9 farmers had access to the solar pump. A surface of 1 hectare of greenhouses was irrigated through this system. As the result of better irrigation this group of farmers has reported higher than usual profits due to higher yields, better quality and lower cost per unit of product. A similar Solar Pump powered by a photovoltaic panel of 1.0 kWp was installed in Stavec village. Locals were trained for basic maintenance of the system. Thanks to this intervention this community today has 24 hours access to drinking water all year round.

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