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Latrine where a small quantity of water is poured in to flush excrete through a water seal into a pit (WHO 1992).

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Pour-flush leaching pit latrines overcome the problems of flies, mosquitoes and odour by having a pan with a water seal (a U-shaped conduit partly filled with water) in the defecation hole. Excreta deposited in the latrine pan is flushed by pouring 2 to 3 litres of water into it. Water remains in the U-shaped conduit blocking air flow and odour. The mixture is directed into a pit and organic wastes are biodegraded (WHO 2003). Sludge has to be regularly emptied from the pit. The use of two adjoining pits alternately enables the sludge in a full pit to undergo further decomposition while the other pit is being used, and enables manual sludge emptying after further sludge decomposition. More water percolates through the soil surrounding the pit, and the potential for groundwater pollution is higher. A pour flush toilet with a pit is therefore not suitable when groundwater table is close to the surface (UNEP 2000).


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