Project for access to drinking water and sanitation in the area Moundé


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Project for access to drinking water and sanitation in the area Moundé


Freshwater Water Supply and Sanitation, Demonstration, Capacity Building

Focus Areas

Climate Change Adaptation

Geographic Scope

Senegal, Africa

Lead Organization(s)

Project Partners

Grantee: GIE NINDOOR DES FEMMES DE MOUNDE - GIE MOUNDE (Community Based Organization)


Total: $19,966;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


10/2009 - 8/2010


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The project's overall goal is to provide access to drinking water in the area Moundé

Specific objectives: Facilitate access to drinking water; Improve the quality of life of the population; Promote sustainability of conservation efforts and environmental protection.

Planned activities: Meeting for the organization of participatory exchange in the selection of sites for reservoirs; Construction of five (05) tanks to capture rainwater; Construction of 25 latrines.

Expected Outcomes

The people are involved in the selection process of reservoir sites; The people have better access to drinking water; The quality of of living is improved; Hygiene standards for the use of latrines are observed; Conservation efforts and environmental protection continue even after the project;ongoing cleaning of the village Moundé.

Achievements: Results and Impact

Output indicators: Meetings are held; 05 tanks are constructed; Construction of 25 latrines; A number of village cleanup campaigns is organized.

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