Q&A: IWRM Implementation and Measuring Progress

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The Q&A's (questions and answers) in this compilation are originally inspired by a set of priority topics from a needs survey and subsequent "clinics" discussions by participants of the 4th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference - Cape Town 2007. This constitutes an innovative attempt to developing a broadly shared, joint knowledge base on pertinent issues in "International Waters Management", using the advantages of a Wiki to promote a user-driven collaborative approach. The intent is to let this knowledge base grow, in a participant-driven matter. Contributers are very welcome. Please register with the WaterWiki Administrator to get editing rights.

The aim of this FAQ is to address indicators and ways of measuring progress and achievements of IWRM practices in international waters projects'


How do you define IWRM?

Global Water Partnership vs. alternative definitions?

When and how do you implement IWRM?

  • Agree on the baselines first, for all participating countries involved, before implementing IWRM. It may be qualitative but it’s important.

How do you deal with varying or incompatible legal frameworks?

  • Attempt to change and/or harmonize policy at national levels to accommodate transboundary IWRM.

How do you establish proper bodies for IWRM implementation?

How do you measure progress of IWRM implementation?

  • Process indicators are very good starting points to measure progress. Environmental Stress indicators are good, but should be secondary. Indicators should include human resources and institutions.
  • Use replication strategy as a way of measuring progress.
  • Formulate a database of case studies, both successes and failures, to construct a knowledge base. (IW-LEARN offers such a location, along with the IW Experience Note program).

How do you overcome the absence of benchmarks to measure the progress of IWRM implementation?

How do you deal with lack of data sharing?

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