Q&A: Inter-governmental Coordination: Communication and Implementation Challenges

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edit  ·  Q&A CompilationInternational Waters Management (Q&A)
The Q&A's (questions and answers) in this compilation are originally inspired by a set of priority topics from a needs survey and subsequent "clinics" discussions by participants of the 4th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference - Cape Town 2007. This constitutes an innovative attempt to developing a broadly shared, joint knowledge base on pertinent issues in "International Waters Management", using the advantages of a Wiki to promote a user-driven collaborative approach. The intent is to let this knowledge base grow, in a participant-driven matter. Contributers are very welcome. Please register with the WaterWiki Administrator to get editing rights.

The aim of this FAQ is to explore how inter-governmental commissions can improve implementation.


How do we work with the established institutions when political leaders hinder progress?

How can you strengthen relationships between countries?

  • Bilateral agreements.

How do we insure cooperation from non-parties/countries?

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to be approached.
  • Project officers need to work with technical officials.
  • Clear division of responsibilities needs to be established.

How do we go about addressing the issue of equity in sharing of funds?

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