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Welcome to the Main Workspace of teh Regional Water Governance Community of Practice (CoP) in RBEC. Your comments, edits, suggestions are highly welcome! - Also have a look at the Strategic Workplan (2006/07) for Strengthening the Water Governance Sub-Practice in Europe & CIS.

-> If you are interested in RBEC's general E&E Community of Practice, go to Suggestions concerning the regional E&E CoP for .

NEW: Annual Water-CoP Meeting 2007- Almaty 25-26Nov07


Your Suggestions and Ideas..

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..for new projects/activities

  • Strengthening civil society & NGO to support political pressure on IWRM - Alexey Volkov
  • Local empowerment to solve water provision without proper infrastructure - Alexey Volkov
  • Another comprehensive reality-based attempt for designing a water framework in Central Asia - Alexey Volkov

  • Water treatment
  • Global promotion of River basin approach and IWRM approach

  • Building up River basin CoPs & Water body CoPs

..for new knowledge products, services, CoP-activities


  • Technical Publication (documentation): "The Danube-TEST Success Story – Findings and case studies"
  • Case studies on water financing
  • Experiences of other countries

Guidebooks, How-to-Guides, etc.:

  • Guidebook on "Harmonization of Access Country Legislation with EU Water Framework Directive" - Juerg Staudenmann
  • Guide how to get access to EU markets - Armen Martirosyan / Mariam Shotadze
  • How-to-Guide about Creating Local/National CoP's - Juerg Staudenmann
  • Watershed management guidelines - Mariam Shotadze
  • Water governance summary training material - What do we need to know? Quick intro on concrete activities, positive and negative aspects, do's and don't's.

Studies, research:

  • Evaluation of real impact of water reforms on poverty reduction/increase
  • Knowledge sharing on water management, for example politics, geographic, pricing

Trainings, Water Governance CoP Activities:

  • Training on successful water projects (see example Vietnam)

Meetings/trainings around specific topics:

  • IWRM (in Kazakhstan?) - Juerg Staudenmann
  • Link between EU Water Framework Directive and UNDP's work (MDGs, IWRM..) - Juerg Staudenmann
  • Expert exchange between country offices on national IWRM plans


  • List of technical groups, expert groups to be listed online, consultations

(-> fulfilled through WaterWiki? Juerg)

  • Building up River basin CoPs & Water body CoPs

..regarding Bratislava's role & support

  • Provide high level international and national neutral experts - Alexey Volkov
  • Bratislava should provide all knowledge products - Mariam Shotadze

  • Water pollution trade system (?? -> Please explain)
  • Continuous face-to-face training for UN agencies, governments and NGOs - Alexey Volkov

  • Some more training and knowledge sharing on Strategic Priority on Adaptation (SPA) opportunities
  • Advise on GEF/IW, UNDP priorities

..on the WaterWiki itself

Go to
WaterWiki Toolkit/Next Steps - for susbtantial inputs
WaterWiki Suggestion Box - for rather technical comments and suggestions about WaterWiki


..anything else


Links & Resources

Relevant links and articles on WaterWiki

Link to CoP-Members and Contacts (RBE Water Governance CoP-Members, other UNDP colleagues and contacts dealing with Water Governance)

Group e-mails to all Water-CoP-Members (RBEC)

Link to New BRC Water Governance Strategy/Work Programme (under development)

2007 Action Plan for the Water-CoP in Europe & CIS

Records from E&E CoP-Meeting, Sep '05 Bratislava

E&E CoP-Meeting 2005 (Water Session / Group Brainstorming on WaterWiki & WG CoP)

Suggestions for Improvement of E & E CoP)

Returned Questionaires from KM/CoP Evaluation (Nov/Dec 05)

 CoP Users Questionnaire-Sklarew.doc

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