Reforestation of mangrove trees for improving local livelihood , Cambodia


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Reforestation of mangrove trees for improving local livelihood , Cambodia


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Total: $26,413;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2008 - 2010



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The aim of the project is the protection and conservation of coastal natural resources through the establishment and protection of a community conservation area and reforestation of 40 ha of mangrove trees aiming at increasing fish stock and protection of 4 ha?? of existing mangrove and 20 hs of Sea grass protection areas funded by SCS project, which will help to improve the fish habitat, increase biodiversity and improve local livelihood. The project also provides capacity building to community Fisheries committee members, communities and stakeholders to appreciate and protect environmental resources which could lead to a decrease or end of illegal fishing. In addition to that the project will empower women in participation and leadership in group management through organizing them 3 groups (10-15 women each) to participate in protection and conservation of natural resources and actively take part in other community activities.

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