Rehabilitation project of a pastoral well in Farin Guem


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Rehabilitation project of a pastoral well in Farin Guem/ Departement Doutchi/ Region Dosso


Freshwater Water Supply and Sanitation

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Grantee: Groupement Féminin Wadata de Farin Guémé (OCB Wadata ) - OCB WADATA (Non-government Organization)


Total: $12,760;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


10/2009 - 3/2010


Satisfactorily Completed

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The population is estimated at 860 people with several nomadic Fulani. As part of the development of the municipal development plan of Dogondoutchi, a participatory diagnosis conducted in November 2007 at the area Rigi samna highlighted the depletion of water from this well. The project once completed would alleviate the life of the people, and will help settle the animals. The purpose of the request is consistent with the policies and strategies for development policy of the country including the Rural Development Strategy (RDS) and the ongoing decentralization. The rehabilitation of the cemented well will contribute significantly to the improvement of living conditions and the health of the surrounding population and reduce the conflicts between farmers and herders. Moreover, this restored harmony will promote collective action to recover degraded lands and areas for grazing in Guem Farin. Also, there will be a positive impact on the environment through the reduction of timber use for the construction of traditional wells.

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