Restoration of Wetland Ecosystem in Aukstumala Strict Nature Reserve, Lithuania


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Restoration of Wetland Ecosystem in Aukstumala Strict Nature Reserve, Lithuania


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Total: $20,852,73;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2006 - 2008


Satisfactorily completed

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Aukstumala raised bog is a unique wetland based in the Nemunas delta distinguished for its rich biodiversity and habitats. The 1017ha natural part of the bog belongs to preserve, the other 1500 ha part is a peat bog, which when exploited, has a negative impact on the bog. The whole wetland area belongs to Nemunas Delta Regional Park which is included in the list of Natura 2000. Also the park and Aukstumala bog is included in the list of Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention). Present stage of Aukstumala is critical as the natural water regime is influenced by the ditches, which drain the bog flushing the water out. If the bog becomes dry this results in mineralization of the peat and a decline of characteristic wetland habitats.

In response, this project aims to recreate natural water regime in the preservation zone as it will lead to the restoration of wetland plant communities like active raised bogs which are of Natura 2000 importance.

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