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Name & Nationality

Roland Oosterbaan, The Netherlands

Title / Function





Background & Experience

Water and Land, Soil and Plant
Water and Land, Soil and Plant

Born in 1939. Now retired. Previously land and water management specialist at the International Institute of Land Reclamation and Improvement, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Professional experience in almost 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Lived with family in Sudan, Chile and Peru.

Owns and manages website providing free downloads of articles and software developed because of need in work.
Initially he programmed in Fortran (DOS), later user interfaces were added in Turbo Pascal (DOS), and recently the programs were translated by him into Delphi (Windows).

Languages: (1) Dutch, (2) English and Spanish, (3) French and German, in that descending order of command.


Website pages

  Articles and publications [1] 
Answers to frequently asked questions [2]
Annual reports and case-studies [3]
Consultancy reports en case-studies [4]
Computer programs [5]
CumFreq, program for cumulative frequency analysis [6]
SegReg , program for segmented regression analysis [7]
EnDrain, program for drainage by pipes and ditches [8]
WellDrain, program for drainage by wells [9]
RainOff, simulation model of rainfall-runoff relations [10]
SaltMod, integrated simulation model for soil salinity control,
         watertable control, climate, crops, irrigation,
         and land drainage [11]
SahysMod, spatial SaltMod model with polygons, coupled to an aquifer
          and groundwater model [12]