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Water Basins of Russia:
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Facts & Figures edit
Capital Moscow
Neighbouring Countries Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, North Korea
Total Area 17,075,200 km2
  - Water 79,400 km2 (0.47%) / 47 m2/ha
  - Land 16,995,800 km2
Coastline 37,653 km
Population 143,201,600 (8.4 inhab./km2)
HDIA 0.806 (2007)
Gini CoefficientA 39.9 (1995)
Nominal GDPB $1,757,000 million
GDP (PPP) Per CapitaB $15,800
Land UseC
  - Cultivated Land 1,237,294 km2 (7.28%)
     - Arable 1,218,599 km2 (7.17%)
     - Permanent Crops 18,695 km2 (0.11%)
     - Irrigated 46,000 km2
  - Non cultivated 24,195 km2 (92.72%)
Average Annual RainfallD 460 mm
Renewable Water ResourcesE 4,498 km3
Water WithdrawalsF 76.68 km3/yr
  - For Agricultural Use 57%
  - For Domestic Use 19%
  - For Industrial Use 63%
  - Per Capita 523 m3
Population with safe access to
  - Improved Water Source 97%
     - Urban population 100%
     - Rural population 88%
  - Improved Sanitation 87%
     - Urban population 93%
     - Rural population 70%
References & Remarks
A UNDP Human Development Report
B CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia
C CIA World Factbook Country Profiles
D Aquastat - FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture
E CIA World Factbook
F Earthtrends

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Country Profile: Climate, Geography, Socio-Economic Context

Country Profile: Water Bodies and Resources

Groundwater Resources

The renewable groundwater resources are estimated at 788 km3/year. This figure, however, does not include resources in the form of inland ice, glaciers and pergelisol (permafrost). For the regions of western and eastern Siberia alone, the quantity of ice of the arctic islands is estimated at 5 000 km3 and that of the mountain glaciers at 170 km3. The resources in the form of pergelisol are even larger. The overlap between surface water and groundwater resources has been estimated at 512 km3/year.

Water resources distribution

Water resources in the Russian Federation are very unevenly distributed in relation to the population. The European part, where 80% of the total population lives, has 360 km3 of surface water resources, which is about 8% of the total river runoff, and 23 km3 of groundwater resources, which is 10% of the total renewable annual groundwater resources. In the Terek basin draining into the Caspian Sea in the southwest (northern Caucasus region) and in the Western Dvina basin in the west (central region), the annual river discharge is about 2 000-3 000 m3 per inhabitant, while in the Siberian and far east basins it reaches 120 000-190 000 m3 per inhabitant. The water resources in the densely populated Povolze (Volga region) with its rich soils and in the black soils region (central Tchernozem) in the European part are estimated at around 2 000 m3/inhabitant per year. The huge distances between the Siberian and European basins make it practically impossible to transfer water from Siberia to Europe. Transfer projects were considered in the past but encountered several problems, including environmental ones.

Lakes and Dams

There are about two million fresh- and saltwater lakes in the Russian Federation. The largest saltwater lake is the Caspian Sea, surrounded by the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan. The largest freshwater lake is Lake Baikal, located entirely within the Russian Federation in the southeast of eastern Siberia.

Dams have been constructed on most large rivers in the Russian Federation, mainly for electrical energy production, but also for irrigation. There are 330 large reservoirs in use at present, with a capacity of more than 200 million m3 each. Their total capacity is 360 km3. There are about 3 000 medium-sized reservoirs. The gross theoretical hydropower potential is estimated at 2 900 000 GWh/year and the economically feasible potential is estimated at 852 000 Gwh/yea. The hydropower installed capacity is estimated at 40 GW.

Water withdrawal and wastewater

In 1982, the water withdrawal was 97.8 km3, while in 1994 it had dropped to 77.1 km3. This reduction in water consumption, which concerns industrial and irrigation water withdrawal, has been related to the difficult economic situation in the Russian Federation, which worsened in 1990. Of the total water withdrawal of 77.1 km3 in 1994 for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes, almost 20% was used for irrigation

Country Profile: Legal and Institutional Environment

During the Soviet period, an agreement concerning the use of water of the Amur River was concluded with China. Renegotiated and modified since 1991, the latest agreement was signed in 1996. There are also agreements with other neighbours (Poland, Finland). These are general agreements, fixing the borders, including texts on crime issues, fishery, the prevention of pollution in river courses, etc. There have been no new international agreements on water sharing with the other countries of the FSU, and the inter-republic arrangements from the Soviet period are still in force.

In the Russian Federation, the 2006 Water Code sets the framework for all water-related legislation.

Country Profile: Water Sector Coordination

See Sector coordination sub-page for detailed description

Country Profile: Trends in Water Use, Management and Sanitation

Country Profile: Challenges and Opportunities


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