SDC - Central Asia Mountain Programme, phase II, Central Asia 2003-2004


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Project ID

KA: 7F-00604.02

Project Title

Central Asia Mountain Programme, phase II


Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

Central Asia

Lead Organization(s)

Project Partners

Center for Development and Environment (CDE), Berne University (Switzerland)


CHF. 1‘800‘000.– (approx. USD 1.6 M.)


January 2003 - December 2004


Closed (?)

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Through the Central Asia Mountain Programme (CAMP), Switzerland contributes to the sustainable development of the mountain regions of Central Asia. The long-term aim is to preserve natural living conditions. The programme is active in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan und Kazakhstan. Its beneficiaries are the increasingly poor inhabitants of the Tien-Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. The first CAMP phase created the prerequisites for enabling communes and public and private institutions to implement concrete activities, for instance in connection with agriculture and forestry, community development, health, energy, infrastructure or tourism. Through advice and further training, the project boosts the technical skills of various population groups, improves the production and marketing of commercial goods or builds up partnerships with other regions and countries. A main office in Bishkek and branches in Dushanbe and Almaty coordinate CAMP's activities. The local project partners are academic institutions, local NGOs, advice bureaux or communes. The condition of natural resources, such as water, soil or diversity of flora and fauna, is deteriorating fast in the mountain areas of Central Asia, and social, ethnic-cum-religious and military tensions make the situation even more acute.

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