SDC - Forestry programme in Trans-Carpathia, phase III, Ukraine 2003-2005


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KA: 7F-02119.03

Project Title

Forestry programme in Trans-Carpathia, phase III


Focus Areas

Geographic Scope


Lead Organization(s)

Project Partners

Intercooperation, Berne/Switzerland / Ukrainian Forestry Ministry, Ukrainian Ministry of the Environment


CHF 270’000.– (approx. USD 230-240)


Oct 2003 - Dec 2005


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The idea behind this project is to develop a sustainable forestry programme in the Trans-Carpathian region, rounding off the humanitarian aid activities undertaken in 1998 and 2001 when the Theiss flooded twice causing tremendous damage in Trans-Carpathia and the neighbouring country of Hungary. Initial action, including reinforcement of the river bed, protective embankments and corrections of the river course, was taken, helping to avoid further extensive damage. As a follow-up measure, this project now aims to strengthen and protect the stocks of beech trees in Trans-Carpathia – the largest in the world. They have crucial ecological and economic functions but their care, cultivation and use have been sadly neglected, with all the parties involved failing to recognize the significance of these forests for regulating groundwater stocks far and wide. In the first phases of the project, an inventory is being drawn up and the basis for a forestry strategy established, while contacts are being made with the authorities and businesses in the forestry field. For that purpose, various missions to Trans-Carpathia are necessary. Ukraine's Ministry of the Environment and its Forestry Ministry as well as (at a later stage) Ukrainian universities are the local project partners.

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