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Name of Organization

Slovak Water Management Enterprise (SWME)

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Geographic Scope

Slovak Republic


SLOVENSKY VODOHOSPODARSKY PODNIK, s.p, Radnicne namestie 8, 969 39 Banska Stiavnica / Slovak Republic

Telephone Tel.: +421-45-692 15 63, ..692 15 64, ..692 15 65


Organization Websites

http://www.svp.sk (Slovak only)



Slovak Watermanagement Enterprise, s. e. (SWME) Banská Štiavnica – professional organization for administration, operation and maintenance of water courses, water reservoirs, flood control, maintenance of navigation way, care for surface waters quality and inspection of ecological aspects of water management and for administration and operation of hydromelioration facilities and small water streams.

The SWME was established in 1997 by fusion of four state enterprises. Their original structure has been observed on the principle of hydrological catchments. The aim of this transformation was providing of an uniform standard of water management activities, the emphasis being put on utilization of already developed material-technical basis, and qualified personnel, as well as providing efficient economical mechanisms for financing water management activities in the expect of the former river basin authorities by enforcement such economic measures which would eliminate the negative impact of the location rent on the enterprise economics.

The operation practice has proved, that the division of the SWME into lower organization units according to hydrologic situation in Slovakia is correct. Respective branch enterprises administer complete hydrological units (sub-catchments), thus complex solution of operation problems is provided, as well as protection from harmful effects of water, and other activities concerning the economics of the enterprise and also the global Slovak economics. This method of management in case of flood events provides prompt concentration of capacities from the whole Slovak territory to rescue works in the most afflicted areas, the professional experience of workers being an important contribution.

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