Sanitation and Water Supply Management for BT Uekera School Project


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Sanitation and Water Supply Management for BT Uekera School Project


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Grantee: BT Uekera Parents Association - BUPA (Non-government Organization)


Total: $41,724;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2/2011 - 12/2013


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BT Uekera Primary School (UPS) compound was established between the two adjacent villages and owners of UPS, Buariki Village and Tearinibai Village, thus the formal name above BT Uekera Primary School. UPS when it was established does not have toilet facilities. Its water supply is from a hastily dug up well that because of its location and poor construction, the well water is easily contaminated through spillage and drainage from the surrounding surface land area. This well water provides drinking and washing water for the 200 pupils and six staff and families at UPS and the adjacent households. UPS pupils have been using the bushes and the beach for their toilets whilst the staff use pit latrines and or toilets with no septic tanks. UPS does not have a reliable and safe water supply system, and the school badly needs a major improvement in its environmental health and sanitation facilities.

This project would work towards addressing specific problems relating to the quality and quantity of underground water sources, access and availability of safe freshwater sources for UPS and Buariki and Tearinibai communities, public health issues relating to poor sanitation and lack of access to safe and freshwater sources, and reducing marine pollution.

Notable Community Participation Three communities, Uekera, Buariki and Tearinibai, are actively involved in this project. They will be providing the labour for project activities that ranges from construction to gathering raw materials needed. Women, men and youth groups are all involved and have been delegated tasks to carry out.

Capacity - Building Component The local community will be trained in the construction of proper sanitation and protection of freshwater

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