Small Hydro-Power Plants for Slovakia


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Small Hydro-Power Plants for Slovakia (working title)


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UNDP (CST Bratislava)

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The estimated investment for a micro hydro plant (2 x 450kWh) is around 1 mil. USD


until end 2006 (follow-up projects possible for EU-funding period 2007-13)


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In Slovakia there are currently approximately 180 small hydro plants with the total capacity of 60MW. It is expected that in response to the closure of nuclear and/or fossil fuel plants, as well as increased consumption an additional 300MW of small hydro capacity will be needed from a large number of smaller hydro plants. There are 250 potential sites identified on major rivers as suitable for the development of small hydro plants and additional undocumented capacity exists for smaller streams, creeks and rivers as well as natural dams and hydro systems.

The remaining potential of renewable energy sources that can be used for the purpose of electricity generation is significantly lower (compared to small hydro) for the following reasons: inadequate conditions (wind energy), prohibitively high investment intensity (solar energy), lack of exploitable sources (geothermal energy), or preference given to heat production (biomass). For these reasons, small hydro plants are a logical way to follow when developing Slovakia’s renewable energy potential.

There is EU funding available in Slovakia for renewable energy. In this programming period (till end 2006) 5 small hydro-power plants will be supported from EU funds (up to 5 MW each)- the projects are approved, the contracts have to be signed. In programming period 2007-2013 the government set up a goal to support 10 small hydro-power plants from EU fund with the capacity up to 10MW each.

After determination of feed-in tariffs (valid since August 2005) the price from hydro-power plants is cheaper than from traditional resources. Compared to the EU (including recently joined countries), Slovakia has the lowest feed in tariffs for renewable energy and gives no preference to small renewable energy electricity generators. On the other hand – there is a demand for the electricity from this source.

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