Solar Photovoltaics in Africa: Experiences with Financing and Delivery Models


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Solar Photovoltaics in Africa: Experiences with Financing and Delivery Models

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Authors - Mark Hankins, Douglas Banks
Editors - Martin Krause and Sara Nordström

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May 2004


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Since 1991, the GEF has provided grant financing of more than US$200 million towards the total cost of nearly US$1.4 billion of the photovoltaic (PV) projects in its portfolio. Nearly half of these projects are based in Africa, making PV the primary focus of GEF support in the climate change focal area in Africa.While the GEF supports PV projects in order to help households and businesses to obtain modern energy supply, namely electricity, without increasing greenhouse gas emissions, it must be acknowledged that the quantity of greenhouse gases reduced through PV projects is quite small. Most of the PV projects supported by the GEF are designed to stimulate the market for PVs by removing barriers to their expanded use in hopes that a thriving market will develop to supply with electricity the population in Africa currently without electricity at zero net greenhouse gas emissions.


Chapter 1 - Introduction to and limitations of solar photovoltaic power (Mark Hankins)
Chapter 2 - Choosing financing mechanisms for developing PV markets - experiences from several African countries (Mark Hankins)
Chapter 3 - Photovoltaic system delivery methods for rural areas in Africa (Douglas Banks)


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