Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP)


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Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP)


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Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP), UNDP Srebrenica


Srebrenickog odreda bb Zgrada Opstine Srebrenica 75430 Srebrenica Bosnia and Herzegovina


+387 (56) 441 000, Tel: +387 (56) 440 779


+387 (56) 440 337


Alexandre Prieto, SRRP Programme Manager

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rebuidling, rehabilitation, socio-economic recovery



SRRP is an integrated and comprehensive framework, which seeks to revitalise the human and physical capital of the region and comprises five interrelated components: Economic Development, Local Government, Civil Society, Gender Mainstreaming and Infrastructure.

SRRP Overall Goal is to promote the socio-economic recovery of multi-ethnic communities with strengthened local government structures. The programme privileges partnerships and community participation in its execution.

SRRP is implemented by UNDP

An example of a success story

Association Novi Farmer in Bratunac

The Association Novi Farmer in Bratunac started its operation in early 2003. UNDP/SRRP was instrumental in mobilizing this association to be formed since the Programme has financed a Spring Harvest project. This initiative enabled various local organizations to work together constructively.

All the 120 participants of this small project in the region of Bratunac included socially vulnerable people, resident and returnee populations. The spring seedlings of corn and vegetable were conducted successfully and good harvesting results are expected even in spite of a dry summer.

The association Novi Farmer plans to expand its agricultural operation for its current and new members. This association is formed by several local NGOs: the Association of Women of Bratunac; Association of Agricultural Organizations of Bratunac and others to mention few of them.

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Results of the Semi Annual Report for 2004 The programme has experienced new developments in its implementation with the strengthening of the partnership with the municipal authorities and the improvement of the partnership with the citizens through the inclusion of local stakeholders in the allocation and planning of funds.

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The Semi Annual Report for 2004 is also available here


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