Sustainable management of Land & water Resources in Hable Rud Basin, Phase II


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Sustainable management of Land & water Resources in Hable Rud Basin, Phase II


Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

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Total: $6,000,000;

Sources of Financing: $1,000,000 UNDP Trac 1; $5,000,000 Government Co-fund


2005 - 2010



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The first phase of the SMLWR project (1997-2003) gained valuable experience in terms of community-based approaches to the sustainable management of the land and water resources within the Hable-Rud Basin. During the second phase of the project, activities will be directed at scaling up from the Phase I pilot sites so as to achieve a wider beneficiary and geographic area impact within the basin. This will involve an expanded programme of micro-level community-based planning and capacity building with the aim of empowering more rural communities to better manage their local natural resources (soil, water and vegetation). The project will use the Hable-Rud basin as model for developing an effective inter-agency and multi-sectoral institutional co-ordination mechanism for river basin management. A strategy and action plan will be prepared for the entire basin providing a macro-planning framework within which the community planning can take place in line with watershed management principles. A range of capacity building activities will be undertaken so as to increase the number of technical experts, extension workers and community facilitators with the skills needed to work, in a participatory manner, with rural communities. A comprehensive M&E system will be developed to monitor the delivery and impact of project activities at the local and basin levels.

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