Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project - Phase I


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Project ID

WB: KZPA46045

Project Title

Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project - Phase I


Lending - Borrower: Government of Kazakhstan

Focus Areas

Agriculture and Irrigation; Environment

Geographic Scope

Lead Organization(s)

Project Partners


Total: $85.79m;

Sources of Financing: World Bank loan


05 June 2001 - 31 Dec 2008 (7.5 years)



Project website(s)


Christophe Bösch

World Bank Task Manager: Masood Ahmad


  • Mr. Amabek M. Ramazanov, Chairman Committee of Water Resources (CWR), Kazakhstan. 473000, Abay Street, Astana, 48, E-Mail: Water@Koksh.Kz
  • Mr. Dosbolov, National Project Coordinator, CWR, 473000, Abay Street, Astana, 48, E-mail: Water@Koksh.Kz
  • Mr. Serikbay Smailov, Chief Technical Consultants, 124, Bogenbay Batyr Street

480091, Almaty, Kazakhstan, E-Mail:



The project has two development objectives: (i) Prevent the groundwater contamination plume's further migration towards the residential areas, the city's sources of drinking water supply and eventually into the Irtysh River; and (ii) Strengthen institutional mechanisms for groundwater quality monitoring to enable control of ongoing groundwater pollution from local municipal and industrial sources.

Expected Outcomes

Achievements: Results and Impact

Lessons for Replication

Experience from ongoing project implementation in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian Countries suggests that: (i) rigorous economic and environmental criteria should be applied in project planning and design; (ii) project scope and design should take into account the difficulty of coordination among key government agencies; (iii) competent and efficient national management staff is necessary and to be recruited before project effectiveness for ensuring the viability and sustainability of the project; (iv) timely provision of adequate counterpart funding is essential; (v) there should be appropriate technical assistance, which if not recruited in time, can jeopardize effective implementation; (vi) there should be major emphasis on procurement, financial management and construction quality control; and (vii) the importance of involving of local institutions in project design and preparation. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid to strengthen of the implementation capacity of the CWR. The design of the proposed project has incorporated these lessons through (i) undertaking economic, environmental and social analyses; (ii) establishment of an Inter-ministerial Coordination Committee to resolve problems of interagency coordination and a Project Steering Committee to oversee project implementation; (iii) establishment of a PMU consisting of a group of National consultants with significant experience in implementation of World Bank projects, (iv) including a component on institutional strengthening of the CWR. Sufficient technical assistance would be provided for project implementation, procurement and construction supervision by an international firm. 9. Program of Targeted Intervention (PTI).

Projects Partner(s)

Implementing Agency: Committee for Water Resources (CWR)


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