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edit  ·  UsersWaterWiki Hall of Fame (chronologically)
Key WaterWiki Supporters:
Anna Maron
(Sep 05 - Aug 07 | contributions)
"The Mother" of WaterWiki; the inspiring mind introducing and driving the Wiki-approach (see also Findings from study on WaterWiki by Anna | her thesis)
Mikel Maron
(Sep 05 - present | contributions
"The Geek", together with Anna giving birth to WaterWiki and nurturing its continuous growth ever since
Juerg Staudenmann
Sep 05 - present | contributions)
"The Architect", conceptual & ideological ("Anarchy as Key to Knowledge Management?") driving force behind this endeavor and responsible for WaterWiki's ever-expanding scope
Andrea Cuzyova
(Sep 05 - Aug 07 | contributions)
One of the first "Wiki-converted" and supporter of the first hour
Roxana Suciu
(Dec 05- Aug 06 | contributions): wrote one of the first genuine practitioner-articles on WaterWiki: the Water management introductory kit for UNDP newcomers
Mish Hamid
(Jan 06 - present | contributions)
Since Jan 06 a regular contributor, but as IW:LEARN web-facilitator even more active involved in "linking it all up"
Marcella Fabianova
(May - Aug 06 | contributions)
Uploaded the first-ever "How-To" about Communication in Water projects
Lara Yacob
(Oct - Dec 06 | contributions)
mainly supported the remarkable Water Knowledge Fair 2006 experience write-ups
Twinkle Chopra
(Apr - May 07 | contributions)
besides quality content contributions conducted analysis on WaterWiki use and needs, i.a. the WaterWiki Client-Survey
Anjesh Tuladhar
(Feb - Mar 07 | contributions)
helped us solve some important technical issues
Chrissie Sieben
(Feb - Jun 07 | contributions): Wrote a couple of high-quality articles
Adriana Miljkovic
(Mar - Sep 08 | contributions)
Many many new contents, especially focusing on Conflict and Water
Frantisek Korbel
(Jul 08 - present | contributions): Installed some nice new extensions, e.g. for YouTube
Katy Norman
(Sep 08 - present) | contributions)
One of the most active members, who created a wealth of new content and tirelessly supported th etransition to the new, upgraded, expanded and refurbished Waterwiki 2.0
Petr Hrncir
(Jan 09 - present) | contributions)
The mastermind behind the new design

But also all the good souls and hands of other users...