The EMPOWERS Approach to Water Governance: Guidelines, Methods and Tools


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Key issues: IWRM Planning | National Water and Sanitation Planning | Decentralization of Water Decision Making

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Performance and Capacity of River Basin Organizations | River Basin Organizations | River basin councils | IWRM - Sustainable Water Governance on the National Level

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The EMPOWERS Approach to Water Governance: Guidelines, Methods and Tools

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Report produced by the EMPOWERS Partnership


Patrick Moriarty, Charles Batchelor, Firas T. Abd-Alhadi, Peter Laban, Hazem Fahmy

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These guidelines describe a practical and logical framework of activities based on the involvement of those who use and manage water, which leads towards improved local water governance, and to the development and implementation of integrated water development plans for towns, villages, district and governorates. The guidelines advocate a process of collaboration through dialogue, to bring about a change in the way that water sector professionals and water users work with each other.

The guidelines are divided into 5 chapters: Chapter 1: Improved water governance Chapter 2: Overview of the approach Chapter 3: Facilitation and capacity development Chapter 4: The management cycle Chapter 5: Methods and Tools



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